We supply a comprehensive range of sealers of all types of roof tiles that provide lasting protection against organic growth and general wear and tear. Our concrete sealer for roof tiles can help to make concrete tiles water resistant, and in doing so, helps to prevent and slow down the growth off moss and algae. We feel we have the best roof sealer to keep your home free from water ingress as well as inhibiting the growth off moss. Whatever roof tiles are on your property we are confident we have the right product to keep your roof protected at all times.

Make sure you get the best roof sealer for your property as it can help to protect against surface deterioration, potentially saving a lot of money in maintenance costs over time. If your tiles are concrete or a composite, then a concrete sealer for roofs would be advisable. A good concrete sealer should, once cured, make the surface hydrophobic which makes water bead on the surface. The protective coating stops water penetrating into the surface of the roof tile which in turn will inhibit the growth off moss and algae.

Our sealers can be used for concrete, slate, terracotta and clay roof tiles. They are clear and colourless, so will not alter the appearance of your roof if that is your preference. If you would like to change the colour of your roof tiles and make it look like new, a coloured roof coating can be applied. This can have a transformational effect and make an old roof look like new. However, the roof coating cannot be used on slate or clay and should only be used on concrete tiles. Please check with one of our helpful staff before application if you are unsure of the type of tile on your roof.

If you are not sure of the right product for your roof and would like some help or advice before purchasing, just call 0800 849 9498 or complete our online enquiry form.

Concrete Sealer

To ensure a concrete roof tile is fully protected against water ingress, we strongly recommend applying a concrete sealer for roofs. A concrete roof sealer can give you complete peace of mind, knowing that your roof tiles are fully protected against water penetration from rainfall.

During the manufacturing process, concrete roof tiles have a protective coating applied to help improve their longevity and durability. Over time and after many years, natural wear and tear from the elements means this protective layer gets worn down, allowing for water penetration into the tile. This can be quite damaging if not sorted quickly. Not only will water potentially leech into the roof, it will also mean the tile becomes very porous which becomes the perfect environment for moss and algae to grow. 

Using the best roof sealer to prevent water ingress can keep a roof protected from deterioration for many years. A simple application, ideally using a sprayer, could save a lot of money in maintenance costs over time. 

Concrete Roof Sealer

Before you choose a concrete sealer make sure you look at all options and get the best roof sealer for the purpose. There are many cheap sealers on the market that will have a limited lifespan. There is no point in adopting a false economy and buying a cheap product to protect a roof that would have cost many thousands of pounds to construct. Whatever the type of roof tiles are on your home we know we can supply you with the right product to keep your roof protected for a long time.

To get the best roof sealer for your property just speak to one of our technical team to guide you through the options available. Our offices are open from 8.30am and we can be contacted by calling 0800 849 9498 or if you prefer, complete our online enquiry form.