Roof Tile Sealer ( Sample, 5 & 25 L) Dry 'invisble' Finish- 10 yr+ Lifespan

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Clear Protective Roof Tile Sealer

Roof sealer creates water repellent barrier and protects against re-growth of moss and algae.

Smartseal Roof Tile Sealer is a high quality, clear, solvent free acrylic impregnating sealer for concrete, clay tile or slate roofs. Application of the tile sealer will alter the chemical structure of any  roof tile and  provide a excellent water repellent  surface. Application of our clay tile sealer will also greatly restrict the growth of algae, lichen and moss to the surface of the tile.

Product Benefits Include

  • One coat application
  • Suitable for slate, clay tiles and concrete tiles
  • 1 x 25 litre will treat up to 125 m2 on concrete roof tiles & 200-250 m2 on clay & slate roof tiles 
  • Highly resistant to water, staining and organic growth
  • Will not change appearance of roof tile
  • Average coverage 5 m2 per litre
  • Application by sprayer or brush
  • Touch dry 2-3 hours
  • Fully waterproof 24 hours
  • Lifespan up to 10 years
  • Solvent free impregnating sealer


PREPARATION: Before application of roof sealer make sure tiles or slates are totally clean, dry and free from moss or algae spores.Unless applied to a new roof, pressure washing and application of suitable biocide is essential.

APPLICATION: Apply by hand held sprayer or brush, apply to saturation, it is recommended that after around 20-30 minutes a light second 'wet on wet' coat is applied.Not to be applied if threat of rain or temperatures below 10°C.  Apply to test area first, mix container before use.

Clean equipment with water immediately after use.

SHELF LIFE: Use as soon as possible after opening. Store away from sun and sources of heat. Avoid frost and low temperatures.
Can be stored for 12 months (in original sealed container).