Roof Cleaning Devon and Roof Moss Removal Devon

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Roof Cleaning Devon and Roof Moss Removal Devon

Devon is a rural county with many varieties of roof types some of which date back many centuries. It is also one of the UK’s largest counties with large rural areas punctuated with big towns and cities such as Exeter, Torquay, Plymouth and Exmouth. The weather conditions, especially in the winter can be particularly damp and wet, resulting in excessive moss growth on many roofs. We can help with our professional roof cleaning and moss removal service.

Roof Cleaning Devon and Roof Moss Removal DevonRoof Cleaning Devon and Roof Moss Removal Devon

If your roof is covered in moss, dirt, grime and you want to know the cost of roof cleaning we can certainly help. We have a nationwide network of professional roof cleaning contractors that cover the whole of the UK. They are able to provide free roof cleaning quotes across most towns and villages. This means that affordable roof cleaning moss removal services are now available to homeowners wherever they live.

The climate across the UK varies throughout the year; from hot summers to warm wet winters and most roofs, like any part of a home, have a habit of getting dirty. Damp roof tiles are very susceptible to the growth of moss and algae which can cause damage to a roof if left over a long period. Furthermore, most homeowners do not have the equipment to attempt roof cleaning. This means that employing the skills of a professional roof cleaner is the only option when roof cleaning moss removal is required.

Roof Cleaning Devon and Roof Moss Removal DevonRoof Cleaning Devon and Roof Moss Removal Devon

Damp and wet weather, often across bleak areas such as Dartmoor can result in rapid moss growth which looks very unsightly. A porous roof becomes a ‘haven’ for all types of moss, lichen and algae to flourish.  It does not take long for porous roof tiles to provide the perfect environment for moss and other forms of algae to grow, this is a constant problem for homeowners in all parts of Devon, from Sidmouth and Lyme Regis in the south to Barnstaple and Bideford in North Devon.

Protective roof sealer can help prevent the growth of moss

Our roof tile sealer comes with 10 Year Guarantee and will help to protect the roof tiles from deterioration. The roof tile sealer will make roof tiles water resistant which in turn makes it harder for moss to grow on them. Furthermore, there is no need to carry out the expensive replacement of a roof just because there is substantial moss growth. 

Damp roof tiles also contribute to higher energy bills due to the transference of heat from inside to out. Applying a roof tile sealer can help reduce energy bills by keeping the roof tiles dry and stop heat transference. Moreover, it will protect and improve the appearance of a roof as well as creating an invisible barrier to prevent damp penetration.

Once the roof cleaning process has been carried out and the roof tiles have been left to dry the roof sealer offers further protection for the roof tiles without altering their appearance. A roof sealer provides high levels of water resistance, which in turn helps to keep the tiles free from the build-up of dirt and grime. 

Roof Cleaning Devon and Roof Moss Removal Devon

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