Case Studies

Roof Clean with Biocide Treatment

Roof Cleaning and Biocide Treatment in Glasgow

One of our Registered Contractors, Mr Sam Yates, recently undertook this project up in Scotland. He decided the best course of action was to perform a roof cleaning and roof coating procedure in order to best revitalise the look of the home. As you can see, the roof was extremely dirty and detracted from the look of the property, perhaps even taking away from the market value.

Roof Clean with Biocide Treatment

The roof was expertly pressure washed with careful consideration being given to health and safety requirements. All of our contractors wear all suitable equipment and are fully clued up on all rules and regulations that exist for this profession. They maintain a high review score and often will earn work from nearby neighbours!

Roof Clean with Biocide Treatment

After the clean, Mr Sam Yates employed a high grade biocide across the roof covering all the tiles in order to inhibit the growth of moss, algae and lichens. These are what can make the roof look both damp and messy with patches covering the surface area. Ultimately, the customer was incredibly impressed with the service and said that the transformation their home saw was like nothing they could have ever imagined. Neighbours of the customer enquired about the service and have since also undergone this procedure on their home!

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