Roof Sealer

Roof Sealer

Roof tiles are generally non-porous at the point they are installed on a roof. However, over time, the roof tiles can become very porous. Frost damage can also result on broken or cracked roof tiles. This can result in a costly roof repair being required as repairing a leaking roof will almost certainly need an expert roofer to resolve the issue.  

Most roof repair issues can be avoided by the application of a high quality impregnating roof sealer. This can be highly beneficial to ageing and old porous roof tiles and provide lasting protection from damage by frost and general wear and tear. Generally most roof tiles in excess of 25 years old have lost the majority of the protective surface layer which provides its weather and moisture resistant qualities. This leaves the roof vulnerable to natural contaminants and pollutants establishing themselves. Without changing the appearance of the tile, the clear roof sealer will soak into the porous voids of the tile, re-establishing its water resistant and protective properties.

Application of this type of roof sealing product is simple by a competent DIY person or contractor, without specialist equipment. The clear roof sealer will protect the surface of the roof tile without altering its appearance.

Although repairing a leaking roof is problematic and costly for many homeowners, its not as expensive as having a whole roof replaced. Moreover, a coloured roof coating can be applied that can transform the look of old roof tiles, making an old roof look like new. This can add thousands of pounds to the 'kerb appeal' of a property making the cost of doing it very worthwhile.

We are stockists and suppliers of roof sealers and roof sealing products with a lifespan of around 15 years. For more information or advice, please get in touch online, or freephone 0800 849 9498

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Repairing a Leaking Roof 

Unless its a really simple fix, a roof repair should always be carried out by a specialist roofing contractor to ensure it is done properly. The last thing you need is to have someone repairing a leaking roof, only for it to fail soon after and you have to call them back. A specialist roofing company can also apply a protective roof sealer to add a further line of protection, once a roof repair has been completed.

The best way of repairing a leaking roof is have a professional roof contractor survey the roof to identify where the issue is. The roof contractor should be able to isolate the problem and fix it quite quickly if, as most leaks are, just related to areas of broken roof tiles. 

Roof Sealer

Once a roof repair has been carried out, we strongly recommend applying a protective roof sealer to prevent further water ingress through the surface of any porous roof tiles. Most people with competent DIY skills should be able to apply the clear roof sealer without too much difficulty. A pump sprayer will generally suffice for application and should apply the product evenly across the surface. The main consideration when working at height is health and safety, so its important to consider all aspects of this before proceeding. 

Roof Coating 

If you want to make an old roof look something it was when the house was new, we would advise having the roof tiles coated with a coloured roof coating. Some people refer to it as roof painting, but the roof coating does so much more than a cheaper roof paint alternative.

The roof coating gives lasting protection, prevents colour loss to the tiles and helps to guard against roof damage from the effects of frost in the freeze thaw cycle. A roof coating can be used in conjunction with moss clear or moss clear pro to inhibit the regrowth of moss and algae after the roof has been coated.