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Roof Cleaning Service - Roof Repairs 

We can carry out roof repairs as part of our roof cleaning and service. One of the most important benefits of the roof cleaning process is that once complete, the roof will have been returned to its optimum condition. As part of our roof cleaning and restoration service if any tiles are found to be loose or damaged they will be replaced. On most roofs in excess of 20 years old some of the mortar to the exposed ridges, hips, valleys and eaves will be starting to deteriorate. Wherever present this old mortar will be removed and these areas will be re-pointed. All necessary repairs will be discussed in detail and a separate quote will be given. 

Roof Repairs

 We can carry out the following repairs as part of our roof cleaning and service:-
  • Replacing or re-bedding ridge tiles that may be damaged or where the mortar has degraded.
  • Replacing any broken or cracked roof tiles.
  • Any re-pointing work that may be necessary

Smartseal supply quality roof cleaning, coating, and protective sealing products. Our database of established roof cleaning contractors are experienced and can generally carry out any minor roof repairs required as part of the roof moss removal and roof cleaning service.

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