Moss Remover

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Moss and Algae Removal Products for all Types of Roofs

As roof tiles become older and more porous, they become more susceptible to moss. On many roofs this is not only unsightly, but because the moss retains so much moisture, the tiles remains constantly damp creating additional problems. 

Wet roof tiles not only enables other algae and lichens to establish themselves, but because a wet substrate transfers heat twice as quickly as a dry one, consistently damp or wet roof tiles leads to increased heat loss and energy bills.

For roofs with low levels of moss, our Moss Clear product is the answer, for roofs with a major infestation Moss Clear PRO is an excellent moss killer and would be our recommended product. It works as a mould remover and black spot remover as well. Once the roof is moss free, an occasional treatment with Moss Clear will avoid further problems in the future.

If your roof is also suffering other unsightly growths and pollutants our Roof Clean Xtreme product could be the answer.

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Moss, Mould and Algae Remover for Roofs.

Moss, Black Spot and mould on Roofs is a big problem, so applying an effective moss and mould remover can keep a Roof looking good at all times. Roof tiles are often quite porous and will attract the growth of moss. Moss remover will kill moss and algae spores on a roof and help to keep it clean. Moss remover is easy to apply, dilute and use a garden sprayer to apply; you can then forget about it while it goes to work.