Xtreme ROOF CLEANER - Simple to Use ALGAE & DIRT Remover- NO Pressure Washing FAST ACTING Tile Cleaner

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A Professional Quality Roof Cleaner for Concrete, Slate & Terracotta Roof Tiles

Xtreme Roof Cleaner is used to clean roofs without the need for pressure washing by many professionals in the roof cleaning industry. This is a fast acting, very powerful roof cleaning product that allows for easy cleaning of roof tiles.

After application, Xtreme Roof Cleaner swiftly removes the majority of green growth from roof tiles that may have been covered by ingrained dirt, as well as algae over a long time period. In addition to this, Smartseal roof tile cleaner is proven to be effective on a range of external hard surfaces, including but not limited to clay, slate, terracotta and concrete tiles without risking damage to the roof.

For optimum roof cleaning results, simply dilute the roof cleaning product 1:1 and use a watering can or sprayer to apply, keeping it wet for one hour. Once an hour has passed, just rinse or lightly pressure wash the roofing with water. For areas of heavy contamination and/or ingrained soiling, allow the product to sit upon the surface for a longer period of time, before scrubbing in to agitate. Invariably, there may be some cases where a re-application of the product may be necessary.

Xtreme Roof Cleaner is a high quality cleaner which contains four potent cleaning ingredients. Furthermore, it contains a powerful biocide which helps to inhibit further growth of moss, lichen and algae.

It offers a range of benefits as listed below. It helps with the quick and easy removal from roof tiles of:

  • Black and White Lichen

  • Algae and Light Moss 

  • Stains from Birds

  • Ingrained Surface Grime

As a rough guide, 5 Litres of Xtreme Roof Cleaner will suffice to clean and treat approximately 40 m of Roof Tiles.

Please note, it's vital to use appropriate safety wear for the full duration of application process. For full safety information, please see our technical section below for more information.

If youd like to download the Safety Data Sheet, please click here



Before usage, ensure any loose debris are removed, and agitate heavy layers of moss with a scraper or brush.

Product should be diluted at a ratio of 1:1. Apply liberally to the roof tiles via a watering can or pump sprayer. Leave to sit on the surface for around an hour, prior to cleaning off with water. Pressure washing the roof tiles strongly would be deemed unnecessary during this process.

Once dry, the product becomes inactive, so try to avoid application in hot weather in order to avoid losing any of the product to evaporation. Usually, one application should suffice to remove most ingrained grime and green growth.

Please note: the product has an oxidising effect which can temporarily stain lead or other flashing materials if not swiftly rinsed.

Health & Safety

  • Xtreme Roof Cleaner does contain chlorine which is known to bleach and stain fabrics as well as other sensitive materials, so please take care to evade contact with such materials during application. 

  • Toxic to aquatic life

  • Wear protective gloves and goggles for full duration of application

  • Keep pets away from the surface being treated when wet 

  • Keep out of the reach of children as it cause skin burns

    If the product gets in the eyes, rinse heavily with water and consult a doctor if necessary.

To download the Safety Data Sheet, please click here