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"How To" Keep Your Roof Free From Moss

If you're looking to keep your roof tiles free from moss, please view our handy roof moss removal video guide. This easy to follow video outlines the steps you need to take to really clean your roof and make it look like new. 

Most people do not clean their roof tiles because of lack of access, plus the health and safety considerations involved can also put them off from trying it. However, with the advances in roof cleaning technology, the whole process can be a lot easier than most people think. New roof cleaning methods, improved chemical formulations, can make roof cleaning something that even homeowners with basic DIY skills can have a go at. 

Cleaning a roof can now be done without the need to stand on the roof and operate a pressure washer. Powerful moss removing chemicals can be applied to moss growing on roof tiles and just left to take effect. The moss will start to degrade after a few days and will eventually fall off. There are various moss removal chemicals available, some that clean the roof slowly and others that can get a roof clean very quickly. Moss, algae plus black and white lichen can easily be removed to leave roof tiles looking very clean and something like they looked when first installed.

If pressure washing is required, it is best to enlist the skills of a professional roof cleaning contractor who has the expertise and knowledge to clean your roof without causing damage. If you decide to go down this route, we have a nationwide network of roof cleaning contractors who can provide free no-obligation quotes. You will be safe in the knowledge that they would come recommended by us, to give you confidence in what work they will carry out. Most roof cleaning contractors we recommend would have been working with us for many years and in most cases, would have undergone training at some point. 

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