Roof Cleaning Products

Roof Cleaning Products

Excess green growth on roof tiles can cause long term issues if it isn't removed. The unwanted green growth holds a lot of water and especially in the winter months it can cause additional weight on roof tiles that could eventually lead to damage to the structure of the roof if not rectified. Apart from the potential damage caused from heavy growth of algae, lichen and green growth on roof tiles, it can also detract from the appearance of your home and lessen its kerb appeal.

We are suppliers and stockists of a complete range of cleaning products for roofs. We also offer preventative products to inhibit the return of green algae and unsightly white or black spot. They will help to inhibit the growth of algae, lichen and other forms of green growth on roof tiles.

Once applied, these highly effective roof cleaning products will transform the roof without the need for potentially damaging pressure washing. They will clean the roof as well as help to prevent the spread of green growth on roof tiles. Green Clear (formerly Moss Clear) and Green Clear Pro (formerly Moss Clear pro) can be applied to green algae and lichen and inhibit its regrowth. Roof Clean Xtreme will remove light algae and lichen much quicker but it will require rinsing off after application. Furthermore, if some surface agitation can be applied it will help to get better cleaning result.

Ideally the roof cleaning products mentioned above can also be applied safely by anyone with good DIY skills without the need to walk on the roof, but frequently without professional equipment, this is not always possible. If you need advice or quotation from a professional roof cleaning company, this can be arranged. They can provide free roof cleaning and free moss removal quotes across the whole of the UK.

For additional information about which roof cleaning products such as Green Clear (formerly Moss Clear) and Green Clear Pro (formerly Moss Clear pro) best suit your requirements, contact us or call 0800 849 9498

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