Case Studies

Roof Painting Bournemouth & Roof Coating Bournemouth

This stunning property in Bournemouth was surrounded by trees which contributed to the roof being covered in moss and algae. Apart from looking unsightly, it causes problems such as gutters being blocked and the additional weight of wet moss causes stresses on the roof tiles and potential long-term damage. If this wasn't rectified, it could have become an expensive problem to fix, costing many thousands of pounds. 

Roof Painting Bournemouth  & Roof Coating Bournemouth

Prior to roof coating in Bournemouth, the roof was deep cleaned using specialist professional pressure cleaning equipment to remove the moss, algae, lichen and any other dirt residue that had contaminated the roof over a number of years. Throughout the roof cleaning process, the contractors we assigned had made sure that downpipes were protected, the gutters were fully cleaned out and left clear.  Remedial roof repairs were then carried out and when the roof was dry it received two coats of Climashield roof coating which protects the tiles and inhibits the regrowth of moss.

The last stage of the roof painting project was to ensure the property was left how the customer expected it. All windows, walls, gutters, soffits and fascia were washed down and all debris was removed from the property and their home was left in the same condition as prior to the work commencing. This is always done in line with our customer expectations to ensure they are totally happy with the outcome of the roof coating project. 

Roof Painting Bournemouth  & Roof Coating Bournemouth

The results were stunning and it totally transformed the property restoring its visual appeal. The project received rave reviews from neighbours close by and led to a number of other roof cleaning and roof coating projects in the Bournemouth area. 

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