Roof Cleaning South London and Roof Moss Removal South London

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Roof Cleaning South London and Roof Moss Removal South London 

The nation's capital is by far its most populous city. Due to the weather conditions and volume of traffic and people, roofs in the capital suffer from a lot of moss, algae and lichen growth, as well as general dirt and grime from pollution.

Roof Cleaning South London and Roof Moss Removal South London

Roof algae are a country-wide issue especially in South London and the Towns of Bromley, Croydon, & Kingston upon Thames.  There are several culprits that grow on roofs one is a bacteria called Gleocapsa Magma, other organisms like mildew and algae are unsightly but not as destructive as some of the more aggressive bacteria such as fungus, moss and lichens.  These algae, mould, mildew, bacteria, lichens and moss directly decompose and break down roofing materials.

While not all mould and algae pose a health danger, some are harmful, especially for older people, younger children and people who suffer from asthma and respiratory problems. The spores on your roof can get inside your home because they end up on the driveway and paths, and are easily tracked inside. Our professional roof cleaning service will safely remove these stains and micro-organisms, not only will your property be given an instant cosmetic improvement, but you will also be adding years to its lifespan and that brings important cost savings in the long-term

Smartseal have a network of Professional Roof Cleaners throughout South London and the towns of Croydon, Dulwich, Wimbledon, Merton, Sutton & Wandsworth. By working with a Professional Roof Cleaning Company who are a Smartseal Registered Contractor you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are dealing with a fully insured, established roofing company who have a proven track record in the industry.

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