Roof Cleaning Berkshire and Roof Moss Removal Berkshire

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Roof Cleaning Berkshire and Roof Moss Removal Berkshire 

The Royal Borough of Windsor in Berkshire like many counties in the UK is surrounded by woodland.  Due to this, properties suffer from an abundance of moss, algae and lichens on the roofs.  The organisms are there because of the warm, moist environment a roof creates, especially on the north and west sides of a roof. We provide a professional Roof Cleaning and Roof Moss Removal Service in all areas of Berkshire.

We receive many requests for roof cleaning and moss removal throughout Berkshire and via our network of Registered Contractors, we offer a professional roof cleaning and restoration service on residential and commercial properties in Maidenhead and Bracknell plus the Towns of Reading, Newbury, Wokingham and Hungerford.

 Roof Cleaning Berkshire and Roof Moss Removal Berkshire Roof Cleaning Berkshire and Roof Moss Removal Berkshire

Our Professional Roof Cleaners will deep clean the roof with specialist cleaning equipment in the minimum time possible with as little disturbance to you or your neighbours.  It will then be treated with a biocide to kill off any remaining moss and algae spores, you then have the advantage of extra protection to inhibit the regrowth of moss with one of our protective sealers which are guaranteed for 10 years.  Throughout the roof cleaning process, our contractors will ensure that downpipes are protected, with the gutters fully cleaned, all ground floor areas are covered with sheeting or tarpaulin and all related debris will be removed and disposed of.

Roof Cleaning Berkshire and Roof Moss Removal Berkshire Roof Cleaning Berkshire and Roof Moss Removal Berkshire

Roof Tile Painting Berkshire

Some roof tiles can look old even after cleaning and other options may need to be considered. When this happens, a clear roof sealer will not help as it will not change the appearance of roof tiles. However, there is a solution which can make an old roof look like new for a total roof transformation. 

An application of a coloured 
roof coating like Climashield™ can be applied to turn an old looking roof into a new one. For complete peace of mind, Climashield™ also comes with a 10-year Guarantee. The durable roof coating restores the surface colour of concrete roof tiles giving them the appearance of a new roof. It also leaves the roof tiles water-resistant and protected from the harmful effects of UV light. Climashield™ Roof coatings also allow roof tiles to flex, expand and contract with changes in temperature, which helps to prevent cracking. 

Roof Cleaning Berkshire and Roof Moss Removal Berkshire Roof Cleaning Berkshire and Roof Moss Removal Berkshire

Roof Painting Berkshire

Our roof tile sealer comes with 10 Year Guarantee and will help to protect the roof tiles from deterioration. The roof tile sealer will make roof tiles water resistant which in turn makes it harder for moss to grow on them. Furthermore, there is no need to carry out the expensive replacement of a roof just because there is substantial moss growth. 

Damp roof tiles also contribute to higher energy bills due to the transference of heat from inside to out. Applying a roof tile sealer can help reduce energy bills by keeping the roof tiles dry and stop heat transference. Moreover, it will protect and improve the appearance of a roof as well as creating an invisible barrier to prevent damp penetration.

Once the roof cleaning process has been carried out and the roof tiles have been left to dry the roof sealer offers further protection for the roof tiles without altering their appearance. A roof sealer provides high levels of water resistance, which in turn helps to keep the tiles free from the build-up of dirt and grime

Roof Cleaning Berkshire and Roof Moss Removal Berkshire Roof Cleaning Berkshire and Roof Moss Removal Berkshire

The Benefits of roof cleaning are clear to see

  • It Improves the look of your home
  • It can add value to your property
  • It extends the life of your roof
  • It is fast, safe & affordable

Climashield Protective Sealers and Coatings for Roof Tiles

We can also provide additional protection to your roof once cleaned by applying a protective sealer or coloured coating that can keep your roof tiles looking good at all times.  By making the roof tiles water resistant it is much harder for moss or algae to grow as the tiles stay drier for longer.

Smartseal offer a professional roof cleaning, moss removal and roof restoration service that will transform any roof in Berkshire including Reading, Maidenhead, Newbury, Wokingham, Bracknell and Hungerford.  With many trees and green spaces in Berkshire, the housing stock can suffer tremendously with moss growth on roof tiles. We get many requests for a roof clean and moss removal service throughout the county.

Roof Cleaning Berkshire and Roof Moss Removal Berkshire Roof Cleaning Berkshire and Roof Moss Removal Berkshire

Engaging the services of a professional roof cleaning company will reap many benefits for all properties in Berkshire. Moss removal from roofs in Berkshire is an area we have particular expertise in. The roof will be fully cleaned using specialist roof cleaning equipment and every precaution is taken to sheet up and protect any areas on the ground floor susceptible to water and moss ingress.  The same level of protection is exercised with your guttering system as all downpipes are either disconnected or blocked to remove any danger of ground-level drains becoming blocked.

Once the full roof cleaning process is completed we move to the next stage. If required roof repairs can be carried out with any cracked or broken tiles replaced with an appropriate match, eroded mortar from the valleys and ridge tiles replaced and any loose lead flashings secured. Once the roof repairs are completed our biocide treatment is applied to ensure any remaining moss and algae spores are killed off.  Finally, you then have the option of a protective water repellant sealer to inhibit the regrowth of moss and algae.

If you require a FREE NO OBLIGATION quotation for any roof cleaning in Berkshire or roof repairs or roof coating and sealing in Maidenhead, Newbury, Wokingham, Bracknell or Reading then call us on 0800 849 9498 or complete our online enquiry form.

Roof Cleaning Berkshire and Roof Moss Removal Berkshire