Roof Cleaning Dudley and Roof Moss Removal Dudley

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Roof Cleaning Dudley and Roof Moss Removal Dudley 

We provide a roof cleaning and moss removal service in Dudley. With the type and style of property in Dudley, there is a lot of misunderstanding about the problems affecting roofs in the area. Like any part of your home, roofs have a habit of getting dirty, with moss and algae common causes of an unsightly roof, but for many homeowners, in the area, the concept of professional roof cleaning is an unfamiliar one. 

Roof Cleaning Dudley and Roof Moss Removal Dudley  Roof Cleaning Dudley and Roof Moss Removal Dudley  

Moss on a roof can cause problems such as gutters and downpipes becoming blocked, what’s more, the additional weight of wet moss causes stresses on the roof.  It not only looks unsightly it can cause the premature degradation of the roof. Having your roof cleaned is fast safe and affordable, it can extend its life, improve the look thus adding value to your property.

Roof Tile Painting with Climashield™

Some roof tiles can look old even after cleaning and other options may need to be considered. When this happens, a clear roof sealer will not help as it will not change the appearance of roof tiles. However, there is a solution which can make an old roof look like new for a total roof transformation. 

An application of a coloured 
roof coating like Climashield™ can be applied to turn an old looking roof into a new one. For complete peace of mind, Climashield™ also comes with a 10-year Guarantee. The durable roof coating restores the surface colour of concrete roof tiles giving them the appearance of a new roof. It also leaves the roof tiles water-resistant and protected from the harmful effects of UV light. Climashield™ Roof coatings also allow roof tiles to flex, expand and contract with changes in temperature, which helps to prevent the tiles from cracking. 

Roof Cleaning Dudley and Roof Moss Removal Dudley Roof Cleaning Dudley and Roof Moss Removal Dudley

Roof moss removal is our speciality and we have a network of Registered Contractors who offer a Roof Cleaning and Restoration Service on Residential and Commercial Properties in Dudley.   By working with a Professional Roof Cleaning Company you can relax in the knowledge that you are dealing with an established roof cleaning company who have a proven track record in the industry.   Your roof will be deep cleaned and then treated with a microbiological biocide to kill the spores.  We also recommend the application of one of our protective sealers to inhibit the regrowth of Moss.

Roof Cleaning Dudley and Roof Moss Removal Dudley Roof Cleaning Dudley and Roof Moss Removal Dudley

Roof Tile Sealing Dudley

Our roof tile sealer comes with 10 Year Guarantee and will help to protect the roof tiles from deterioration. The roof tile sealer will make roof tiles water resistant which in turn makes it harder for moss to grow on them. Furthermore, there is no need to carry out the expensive replacement of a roof just because there is substantial moss growth. 

Damp roof tiles also contribute to higher energy bills due to the transference of heat from inside to out. Applying a roof tile sealer can help reduce energy bills by keeping the roof tiles dry and stop heat transference. Moreover, it will protect and improve the appearance of a roof as well as creating an invisible barrier to prevent damp penetration.

Once the roof cleaning process has been carried out and the roof tiles have been left to dry the roof sealer offers further protection for the roof tiles without altering their appearance. A roof sealer provides high levels of water resistance, which in turn helps to keep the tiles free from the build-up of dirt and grime

Roof Cleaning Dudley and Roof Moss Removal Dudley Roof Cleaning Dudley and Roof Moss Removal Dudley

Smartseal also has a network of professional Wall and Render Cleaners for residential and commercial properties in Dudley and West Midlands. If you live in Dudley and would like a FREE roof survey and written quotation then please give us a call on 0800 849 9498 or complete our enquiry form. 

Originally a market town, Dudley was one of the birthplaces of the Industrial Revolution and grew into an industrial centre in the 19th century. The iron, coal, and limestone industries were at the forefront of the down’s industries before their decline later in the century. During the 1980’s the relocation of its commercial centre to the nearby Merry Hill Shopping Centre was completed and bought more commercial growth and jobs to the area. Local tourist attractions now include Dudley Zoo and Castle, the 12th-century priory ruins, and the Black Country Living Museum