Roof Cleaning Weybridge and Roof Moss Removal Weybridge

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Roof Cleaning Weybridge and Roof Moss Removal Weybridge  

Surrey is a county in the south-east of England and one of the home counties bordering Greater London. The population of Surrey has increased at each census since 1801 and in 2006 was 1.085 million, it covers an area of 1,663 km² and its Capital is Kingston upon Thames. Surrey has the highest GDP per capita of any county in the UK, and the highest cost of living in the UK outside of the capital particularly in the affluent towns of Weybridge, Esher, Chertsey and Walton on Thames.

Roof Cleaning Weybridge and Roof Moss Removal Weybridge

Moss and dirt on a roof is not just a cosmetic issue, many people ignore it simply because they think that it just spoils the look of their home however the truth is that moss on your roof can actually reduce its lifespan. If you don’t clean your roof and remove the moss, algae and lichens you may find that you need a replacement roof which can be 10 times the price of roof cleaning and restoration.  The dark stains particularly on the north face of roofs are a cyanobacteria that retains moisture, allowing moss, lichen, mould and fungus to grow and flourish. Bacteria feeds on the tiles, moss and lichen break down the protective granular surface thus shortening the service life of your roof.

Benefits of roof cleaning with Smartseal

•             Immediate, Stunning Results that Last

•             Proven Track Record

•             Fast, Safe and Affordable

•             Our Process eliminates Algae, Mould, Bacteria, Lichen and Moss

•             Prolongs Roof Life

•             Causes No Damage to Roofs

•             Fully Insured

Smartseals Registered Contractors carry out a professional roof cleaning and moss removal service on residential, commercial and industrial premises in Surrey.  Our proven techniques have cleaned almost every type of roof imaginable, and have hundreds of satisfied customers.  Our unique methods allow us to provide a fast, safe, affordable and high-quality roof cleaning service for homeowners in Surrey and the towns of Weybridge and Esher

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