Roof Cleaning Sussex and Roof Moss Removal Sussex

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Roof Cleaning Sussex & Roof Moss Removal Sussex

Across, Sussex homeowner’s roofs are a perfect breeding ground for moss, algae and Lichen, which flourish in our UK climate. We provide a roof cleaning service throughout the county of Sussex. Over time the surface of the roof tiles become more brittle and less protective, with general weathering being a major factor in the degeneration. However, the moss can be eradicated with our moss removal service and your roof transformed, by having it professionally cleaned.

Roof Cleaning Sussex and Roof Moss Removal Sussex Roof Cleaning Sussex and Roof Moss Removal Sussex

Smartseal™ is trusted by many throughout the industry owing to our high-quality products and professional roof cleaning contractors who are trained in all aspects of moss removal and the correct application of sealants ensuring us that any job they complete is to a high standard. After an enquiry is made one of our local Sussex contractors will visit your premises at a convenient time and inspect your roof, after which they will provide you with a FREE quotation.

Located on the right-hand panel is the step-by-step roof restoration process that all contractors follow. The deep cleaning process will wash away any moss and dirt that is present on the roof and any cracked tiles will be given attention and replaced. During this stage, a fungicidal treatment will be applied ensuring that any remaining spores are destroyed.

Roof Cleaning Sussex and Roof Moss Removal Sussex Roof Cleaning Sussex and Roof Moss Removal Sussex

Roof Painting Sussex

The 5th and final step is entirely optional but highly recommended due to the benefits it provides. Applying Smartseal™ Impregnating roof tile sealer or Climashield™ coloured roof coating will protect the roof tiles from future growth and degradation, but still enables them to breathe and function as intended. Roof coating or roof tile painting is just one area that can make a significant difference to the value of your home. If roof tiles are left too long without being looked after, they can detract from the look of a property.

Roof tiles are very susceptible to continuous weathering and because of this, become more and more porous over time. As a result, this creates the ideal conditions for the growth of moss and lichens on roof tiles. Roof tiles which may have looked great to start with can begin to look very tired and grubby. Most people just accept that their roof will look dirty and are not aware of the options to create a better-looking roof. 

Roof coating or roof tile painting as some people call it is a much cheaper and more cost-effective alternative than replacing a roof. Roof coating is also a much quicker solution as it will only take a couple of days.

Roof Cleaning Sussex and Roof Moss Removal Sussex Roof Cleaning Sussex and Roof Moss Removal Sussex

Roof Tile Sealing Sussex

To keep the appearance of your tiles the same but still provide the benefits of the sealer of coating, a clear impregnating sealer can be applied which will provide the same benefits and leave your tiles with their natural appearance.

If you are looking for a professional roof clean, roof repair or roof sealing in Sussex including Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings, Rye, Bexhill, Uckfield and Mayfield then please call us on 0800 849 948 or complete our online enquiry form now for a FREE no obligation quotation.

Roof Cleaning Sussex and Roof Moss Removal Sussex