Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are those black streaks on my roof?

    Those black streaks are called Gloeocapsa magma and they are algae. Gloeocapsa magma is nitrogen fixed and needs no nutrition to grow. The black streaks are the signs of the algae reproducing and leaving millions of dead cells to build up and cause the black streaks or, in many cases, a thick layer of black covering a large portion of your roof surface.

  • Does algae, moss and lichen damage my roof?

    Algae is the number one reason for premature failure of roofs. Your roof could lose up to 50% of the service life from infestation of micro-organisms.  These algae have what's known as a filament root system that decomposes the roofing materials, their root systems can, and eventually will, remove the protective layer. Take a look at our gallery photos for examples damage caused by algae.

  • How do you clean a roof?

    Softwash Roof Cleaning we start by applying a special biodegradable, solution to your roof. This is a special blend we mix specifically to the needs of your cleaning project, we then soft rinse your roof and then finally we apply a protective fungicidal treatment.

  • Do I have to be home for the estimate or the when the work is going to be carried out?

    You do not need to be home for an estimate as we use the latest internet technology to view your property, we then call you to discuss the quote and process.

  • What happens if it is raining the day the work is scheduled?

    It depends on how hard the rain is. We are able to clean your roof in a light rain but we may have to reschedule if it looks like hard rain is going to hit.

  • How long will the roof cleaning last?

    There are a lot of variables when it comes to cleaning and preventing algae growth. Sun light, the pitch of your roof, the color and manufacture of your tiles, how close your neighbors are and if your neighbour's roof is affected.